Saturday, January 24, 2009

#144 - If I hear another quote I am going to barf!

Well only one more day of my course to go!  Thank goodness.   I am really not sure what I am getting out of this one.  The group has gotten together and tried to be more interactive so that we can get more out of it.  No doubt that this guy is a great speaker.  But enough of your quotes, half the time they don't even relate to the topic, If they do I am not sure how?  He finally let up on talking about the book he wrote.  I was going to start counting the times he referenced it but then I got sidetracked!  I think by lunch he finally dropped hints about his book and moved on to the book he is researching (about hope, not really related to what we were discussing).  I think we are driving him just as crazy by interrupting his flow with questions.  At one point he told us to take a half hour and read one of the modules so that we could discuss it.  A) I am taking the class to learn something from YOU.  B) I can read at home (not that I ever find time).  I just found the whole exercise pointless?   Most of the time I don't even know what his topic is. Really good instructor for a train the trainer type of class?  I have no doubt that he knows his stuff, but I sure am not absorbing it.   On another note I have learned some things about me personally,  I will share when I am a little less pressed for time (I need to finish my lesson plan for my practice teaching tomorrow AND I need to get to bed)

Last night was bad!  I was going to bed early then a friend IM'd me.  Well we ended up online until 1am (stupid me, as if I wasn't tired enough already).  I tell you I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  I think I was so overtired it was almost like being drunk!  I was just silly!  We were laughing at each other so hard we were both crying.  We were using the mac app IChat and there is an option to add effects to your video.  Well when you are in a silly mood you can sure have fun with that.  We weren't using the audio, just the video and we were still typing.  I told my friend after that this is what nerds do for fun (well this nerd anyway!)   What I should have been doing is trying to figure out something for my lesson plan, but instead I was making funny faces on my computer!  I am truly losing it!

Well I think I have commented on all the blogs on the ICLW list now, exhale!  If I missed anyone please slap me! (over the computer of course!)  I may have to try to go through the entire list twice just to make sure I didn't miss anyone!

- paying a lot of money for a course and feeling like I am getting very little practical knowledge out of it
- getting up 3 hours earlier than usual on a Saturday
- not having a 'down' day this week

- I am almost done my last course that I am required to take!
- Not hearing from my mother for a week (I must really be in the dog house)
- Hugs from Baby (the boys wouldn't hug me when I got home today :( )  complete with the pat on the back


I hate being away from them all day.  I do miss them, not the noise, but them! :)   I find it much easier to be with them all day then to come home to the craziness at the end of a long tiring day.  They were really good tonight so that is helpful!  I felt kind of bad as I couldn't spend much time with them as I had to get ready for my course tomorrow.  It does make me happy that I was able to quit my full time job as it always seemed to include overtime, I just can't imagine being away that much from the kiddos.  I really don't know how working family's manage everything, my hat's off to you!  I imagine the dynamic will change again when they are in school.  Change ugg, it seems like with kids, just when you get used to the way things are the little monkeys change all the rules on you!  (I suppose that's where it's handy to be able to have kids when you are young as you aren't quite so set in your ways and you can change things up quicker!! LOL OK so I feel like I am 80! HA HA)

So if anything interesting happened today with the kiddos the hubby will tell me in a couple of days when he remembers it! :)  I know how he feels.

We did have Boy1 actually do some #2 'business' on the potty tonight.  I wasn't much but hopefully it's a start.  So I gave him is truck, but I said he has to at least try to do some #1 on the potty tomorrow.  (Boy2 is the one that has been doing all the #1 business so far.  He said he is going to do some 'business tomorrow, time will tell!)  Then there is Baby, apparently someone else's 'business' stink is ok, it's just her 'business' stink that makes her cry.  She was 'inspecting' the buisness tonight (and it wasn't sweet smelling trust me) and there was no tears.  She screams when she is done her 'buisness' and wants off the potty right now!  I guess she already thinks she should smell like a rose, oh great!

Oh why can't they come pre-trained?  (Welcome ICLW'ers my blog is about Potties!  It seems like that's all I talk about these days! :) )

With that, good night!

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At 1:03 a.m., January 25, 2009, Anonymous Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

I've seen things like quotes work well, but when it's bad, it's really bad. Once I went to a workshop by someone who's very well-respected in the field, but she came across as a dolt. She based an entire day of material around a bunch of comic strips, most of which were totally irrelevant to her points, and almost none of which were at all funny.

At 6:22 a.m., January 25, 2009, Anonymous Carrie27 said...

"I find it much easier to be with them all day then to come home to the craziness at the end of a long tiring day."

This is exactly how I feel. I am so much more relaxed on the weekends when I'm hom with them, then coming home to immediate craziness.

At 9:18 a.m., January 25, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I'm sorry the instructor is so lame for your class. That is funny about your daughter's potty adventures. I'm glad you had a good time with your buddy. You are not a Nerd, unless I am too.

At 12:26 p.m., January 25, 2009, Anonymous Nicole said...

Catching up with old friends/good friends is worth the late night and lack of sleep! I met up with an old friend this week and it was wonderful to connect with her again!

~happy ICLW

At 2:01 p.m., January 25, 2009, Anonymous notsofertilemyrtle said...

Congrats on getting to all those blogs! I'm right behind you -- should be done this weekend. I've loved seeing everyone's stories. thanks for visiting me and happy ICLW!


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