Thursday, January 29, 2009

#149 - My Opinion - Febreze NOTICEables

Product: Febreze NOTICEables

TESTING NOTES:  I plugged this in the hallway which is on the way to the 'stinky' boys room and near the kitchen.

RESULTS:  Well it has been plugged in for over a month.  I found the scents a little strong at first then they were better.  It may have been because I had them in a plug that was half way up the wall instead of near the floor.  I did like the little light that tells you what side is the current 'smell'.  Kind of nice as a night light.  I still smell it from time to time, so it is 'noticeable' as it says on the box.  I wasn't really keen on the scent that it came with, the lavender didn't smell like I thought it should, the vanilla side was much better though.

I do have two that I plug in from time to time in the kids room and I do like them and they seem to get the diaper 'stink' out!  This is a good thing!

THE BOTTOM LINE:  I wouldn't throw out all my current air fresheners just to replace them with this one but if I needed a  new one I would consider purchasing one of these, probably a different scent though.  (I would like to see the Linen & Sky that regular Febreze comes with, I would be totally addicted then! :) )



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