Tuesday, January 13, 2009

#133 - Sleepy!

I am a little tired today sooo I am going to try to get to bed early tonight.  We will see how that plan goes I suppose!

I hate when I get all stressed.  I don't sleep well and I am not very productive! Drives me crazy when I am not productive!  I did manage to do a bit of scrap booking today.  I love my new slice!

I also had a little nap with the kids this afternoon!  Hopefully recharging my batteries will do me some good soon!

- feeling stressed
- napping in the afternoon when I could be doing something.  Such as putting Christmas Decorations away!

- my new slice!  Cuts great titles for my scrapbook pages.  Although I need to load up by Cricut design studio so I can weld letters (I bet I will like that even more! :) )
- Silly Baby, she is obsessed with going around in only her diaper!  I am not sure where she gets this from?  I put a shirt on her today, (well I thought it was a shirt, but turns out it's a dress! LOL) to try to keep part of her covered.  It's 20 freaking below outside, it's not exactly a hot summer day in this house!  Strange Little monkey
- loving those Cascade all in ones!  I barely have to pre-rinse anything!  I never thought I would see that day with this crappy dishwasher!

It was a pretty routine day today.  Not to much new!

Baby was busy being baby.  Taking what she wants when she wants it and screeching when she doesn't get what she wants!  She was also busy trying to pull her clothes off all day?  I think she likes the sleepers off so she can get more traction, but I am not sure about the shirt thing?

Boy2 finally cleaned out the bowel today, too bad it was in his pull ups instead of the potty.  He is doing really well with Number 1 though so I am happy that is going well.  I was glad to see he got some of the 'other stuff' out though as I think it is starting to get uncomfy for him.

Boy1 was being an evil child today!  Boy2 is afraid of Spiderus (sp??) on Mrs. Spider (on treehouse).  No he's not afraid, he is terrified.  The minute the music comes on for the show Boy2 is screaming to turn it off!  Well I didn't get it off right away and of course the scary spider was on TV.  Boy2 wasn't watching, so what does Boy1 do?  Boy1 says "Boy2 look, look at the TV Boy2"!  Well the screaming started.  Boy2 was scared to death!  Poor little fella.  What a turkey that Boy1 is!   He started screaming shortly after too so I am not sure what that was about?  Maybe he felt bad about scaring his brother after all?

Sleeping Habbits...
When the boys were about 2 supper time became a NIGHTMARE around here.  They would scream EVERY night.  It used to drive us crazy!  So finally the screaming stopped (took about a year and us dumb parents realizing that they wanted to sit at the table!).  We were happy for that.  Then we took the boys out of their cribs and put them in Toddler beds - nightmare back again.  I do not like bed time at all, especially the SCREAMING!  They stay in bed but trying to get them to stop crying/complaining etc is a pain.   When the boys were in their cribs we would put them down, they would fuss a little, then when the door was shut, not a peep.  I thought we had instilled good bed time habbits when they were smaller, I long for those days to come back!  I miss the quite the moment the door was shut.  Baby is really good right now, but I am dreading putting her into a toddler bed one day! :)

Good night!

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At 4:41 a.m., January 14, 2009, Anonymous Carrie27 said...

If I let my toddler be naked, she would not keep her diaper on. She would love to be naked, so I have to make sure she always has clothes on or we have a streeker. LOL!


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