Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I can't believe they want MY opinion!

So here is my opinion on some products I have been asked to review!

It all started with this:

I received a LOVELY gift basket on December 9,2008 so here is a list of the products that I am going to try out and let you know what I think! (When I am done with a review click on the product name to check out what I had to say!)

Completed Reviews:
Nestea Vitao enhanced drinks (Started Aug-09 Completed Sep-09)
Febreeze Candles and Room Spray-Destinations Collection (started Apr/09 Completed July-09)
Swiffer Duster (started Apr/09 Completed July-09)
Swiffer Dust and Shine (started review Jan/09 Completed May-09)
Mr Clean Disinfecting Wipes - With Febreze (completed May-09)
Ultra Concentrated Dawn Plus - Dish Soap (started review Dec-09 completed May-09)
Febreze - Fabric Refresher (completed Apr-09 )
Febreze Candle -Vanilla & Refresh Scent (completed Apr-09)
Oral B Triumph toothbrush (completed March-09)
Febreze NOTICEables(started review Dec-09 completed Jan-09)
Swiffer Wet Jet (completed Jan-09)
Cascade All In 1 - Dishwasher tabs (completed Jan-09)

Product List

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser - Extra Power
Presidents Choice Free - Beef

created: 11-Dec-08
updated: 27-May-09



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