Tuesday, July 22, 2008

#5 - Picture Day!

Well it was off to take pictures today. We had to be at the photo studio at 10am. So if you ever wondered what it takes to get out of the house with twins and my spare here it is.

7:50am - Get up, eat breakfast, catch the weather, get dressed... oops brush teeth, almost forgot, get the kids clothes ready (down to the laundry room... the piles never end around here it seems)

8:25am - Get boys up. (Usually they don't get up until 9am, yes I know I am lucky, but they go to bed late.) Change diapers (yes I need to work on potty training, we will leave that one for another day). Get kids dressed (try to get them going instead of playing with their new birthday toys. Get little Miss Muffet up, change bum, get dressed. Round up boys, get breakfasts ready.Brush Hair

9:00am - Get Little Miss Muffet into her chair, give her milk. Convince the boys that they need to have breakfast so that we can go out. Finally get kids in chairs, one eats one gets chatty. Feed Baby her breakfast, still trying to get one of them to eat. Resorting to begging at this point. Start spooning food into baby and the slow one... watching clock.

9:25 - get coats on since it is raining, brush hair again. Get baby ready, convince boys that it's time to get coats on. Sit all the kids on the step and help baby and one of the boys put their shoes on. Check to make sure that the other fella had his shoes on the correct feet. Get all kids to the car and buckled in.

9:30am - Drive to photo studio... ahh sit for a minute...

Well we arrived about 10 minutes before our appointment. The photographer was late, then she had to load film in the camera (apparently it was supposed to be done on Saturday.) Then she decided to do a passport photo while we continued to wait. So finally more than 1/2 hour after our appointment it was our turn. Sure glad I booked the first appointment of the day so we wouldn't have to wait.

We did manage to get some alright photos... the kids were getting a little anxious after all that waiting. And grandma came to help and that tends to get them wound up.

Funny moments:
- When they did a photo of the 3 kids together when Baby (as the boys call her) started to move they would both put their arms around her and say 'Baby No'.
- We did a photo of both boys together and one put his arms around the other and gave him a big 'squeeze'. It was quite funny.
- The boy are both into their 'smile' phase, the one where they put on their fake smile when told to smile so it is quite fun to get them doing their actual smile.

So another year of photographs is complete, and I survived 2 days of outings! I think tomorrow will be a quite one!

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