Monday, July 21, 2008

#3 - So glad that went well!

Well I decided to be a little bit brave today! I took all three kids on an outing by myself. This always scares me, as I am afraid of one taking off on me. Since it was the boys third birthday I wanted to do something special so off to the local corn maze we went! It was a hot one, and when they decided they didn't want to walk anymore it was a little difficult pushing the stroller through the soft dirt.

The boys were happy to see a Race Car today too. It was a wonderful day and I feel like I accomplished something by taking them out without any help. To top it off they were all so good it was a great day!

We finished off supper with the Happy Birthday songs to each boy and a candle for them to blow out.

Off to get photos done tomorrow, hope it goes as well as today.

Good Night

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