Friday, November 27, 2009

#356 - Sleepy!

Yup I was up to late last night... rotten computer! It is almost fixed... have a few glitchy things to resolve!

I had troubles getting through my class this morning... I was a bit over tired from the computer thing last night. Serves me right... so I got my act together and dug down to find some energy and give my all to the class. I have no idea what the student comments were like this time as they have gone to an online form. A summary of the feedback would be nice... but nothing. It's a new system so I suppose there are some things to 'work out'. I imagine it was developed in house so I am hoping some improvements will come very soon! :) (I like feedback... mostly the good stuff! HA HA! However the 'other' stuff helps me improve! The good stuff just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and probably makes me think that I am better than I am! LOL)

Now I wait for an install to complete and I shall be off to bed soon!

Good Night!

(Hope you folks got out and had some fun shopping today! Not my idea of fun, busy stores! However the sales are a nice treat. We have to wait for Boxing day (the day after Christmas for our sales I would much rather have the BIG one before Christmas to get some of those presents that people will be expecting))



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