Wednesday, November 18, 2009

#349 - Arrrgg... computers

Well in trying to do something to fix something else I totally messed up my computer... I have spent most of the afternoon trying to fix it! Arrrggg!

Seriously cutting into my work time! What a mess! Wish me luck!

Frickin frackin computers! I can seriously mash up anyone I touch! There is no software safe from crashing HARD when I am around!


I have a grumpy girl! I think she likes being two. She is going through the 'howling' stage. You know when they just squawk for no reason, only she pretty much does it all day! :) Oh ya and her dad thinks it's funny that when we ask if she is Mom's girl she says "NO - Dad's girl!" Rotten Child. :)

I am impressed at the deductive reasoning that Boy1 has. I am not sure if it is normal at this age, but it shocks me how he can put things together. I had a stack of DVD's (that my computer won't read... arg!) sitting beside my computer. My son says are these DVD's (We don't really watch or talk about DVD's around here so I am not really sure when he figured that one out). Then he asked me if they were for my computer or the TV? Seriously maybe we do have one smart one here! LOL

Ohh that Boy1... what is it with boys and 'adjusting' their man parts? Drives me insane. Well Boy1 was doing an adjustment today and I asked him if something was wrong. Well I got an answer... he said "My willie is stuck to my leg". I told him if he needed to adjust things that he should do it in the bathroom, no one wants to watch him adjust. I wonder if there is any hope... I am thinking not, but a mom's gotta try right? :)

Boy2 is just my hanging around guy... he loves to be sitting beside me. Unless of course Dad is home!

Off I go to fight with my computer

# of days since Mom has spoken to me: (I am just interested in how long this lasts!)



At 11:13 p.m., November 18, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

It truly sucks when computers mess up.

Boy 1 does sound like a smart one.


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