Wednesday, November 04, 2009

#336 - Public Service Announcement

So here is my PSA for today:

If your bangs need trimming AND you do it outside (so as to keep the house clean-ish) DO NOT wait until it is DARK outside!

a) I'm an idiot
b) I have crooked bangs now!
c) ummm maybe I should leave my hair to the professionals?


I figured out why I like teaching so much... I am actually the smartest person in the room for the subject area! It's good to be the smartest one... FINALLY! :) LOL

Poor hubby headed off to work at 6pm, working all night then home for a couple hours of sleep, then take care of the kids for the day. He is a machine! I am just worried that it is all going to catch up to him one day! Oh ya and Mr. Martha (stewart) also folded laundry and did dishes. As if i would do all that with 3 hours of sleep!

Boy1 is obsessed with 'boobies'. His, mine and anyone elses. He was counting mine yesterday. What a weird kid! (I suppose I will get some interesting searches with 'boobies' in this post. I sure hope he doesn't decide to count boobies in the grocery store one day, and I pray he doesn't notice some BIG ones and blurt it out. Maybe I should keep him at home until he is through this phase! :)

Boy2 is my moody one these days. So much so that sometimes he will not come to the supper table. Oh well food is in the fridge if he wants it later it will be there.

Speaking of hair cuts, Baby has the worst hair. So fine, some wave and NASTY messy most of the time. I am sure she will not be too happy with a hair cut so I will just continue to do the pony tail thing when we go out in public. I can imagine what people must think when they show up un-announced... look at that poor unkept child and some days... OMG they are still in their jammies... What a terrible mother! (My response of course would be Bite Me! :) It's GOOD to not care what people think and it only took me 30 + years and 3 kids to mellow out! :) )

Off I go to do some other work that needs to get done!

Good Night



At 7:24 p.m., November 04, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

I love that Boy 1 was counting boobies. How funny.


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