Monday, November 02, 2009

#334 - Kind Words

Wow... I am quite amazed by the lovely words in the Shout Out from a Sense of Humor is Essential blog.

I love my regular readers (and the new ones I have met along the way!). I started out infertility blogging and have transitioned to Mom blogging. Most of the folks that I started cycling with way back have all crossed over to the other side too, this makes me happy to know that there are few less folks suffering out there.

Today I am still suffering from my Cold and hope it goes away soon... the lack of energy sucks. I did manage to get my hand outs ready for the class I am teaching on Wed/Thursday (nothing like being done on time! :) ) This is an extra class that I took on. I must admit that I probably won't take on any more this year. I think December off sounds nice! :)

I feel like I have been so lazy lately I really haven't been getting much done. I wanted to get started on the boys room but just haven't had the energy. My MIL reminded me that I need to take care of myself first, I suppose she is right!

Today was truck day... hubby had to take it in to get a cooling system flush. It went well and nothing else broke, yey! We even stopped at Costco on the way home and I managed to get out of there spending only $18. Holy Crap I didn't think that was even possible. :)

- anxiety attacks that are back again. I realy wish they would go away
- time change... I can't manage 1 freaking hour, must be old age?

- an afternoon nap with Baby snuggled in beside me. I love it when she falls asleep (finally). She gets so still and I get to be so close. Perfect Moments that I never want to forget.

The kids were good today. Well as good as three kids can get anyway. They are quite the busy loud kids these days, loving ever minute of the craziness!

Since we had to pick up the truck at supper time we decided to pick up some chinese for supper. Baby ate three bowls of noodles, rice and veggies. We usually have trouble getting her to eat supper. I guess we know what she likes now, she ate 3 times what the boys did! Sometimes that one scares me! (Actually she scares me a lot! :) )

Good night



At 7:56 a.m., November 03, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

LOL, your reaction to baby sounds a lot like my reaction to Gabe. I love him dearly but he scares me a LOT.


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