Tuesday, May 26, 2009

#249 - It's good to be at home!

Yet another day with no worries, not work, lots of yard work and house work is finally getting done around here. Not to mention I am sure I am providing the neighbours some good entertainment. Picture this, we live on approx 3 acres and I am walking the 'front yard' with a little dandelion weed bar! Back and forth, back and forth! I am sure we are the talk of the subdivision! Well the boys wanted to play on the front drive way and I can't stand just 'hanging out' and watching them without doing something! Well I have the weedbar (left-over from the old house I think?) and I am going to use the darn thing up before I throw it out! p.s. I am not doing the entire yard, just a bit of the front and the back where I can see those nasty yellow flowers! I hate dandelions! Ugg!

I also managed to spend my morning getting some stuff written up for my scrapbook! Woohooo... I am going to be all up-to-date to the end of last year in one of my albums very soon!

- dry lips
- dry weather, we need some rain
- humidity
- broken nails

- getting up in the morning and finding boy1 on the potty, not doing anything mindue, but one has to start somewhere!
- my yard
- finally getting the kiddy pool all setup
- getting some yard clean-up done, hubby took all the branches to the recycle station after work (a full car trailer load!)

I have a bit of a fashion girl here. This morning she hollered Pretty Baby (which apparently means get me dressed RIGHT NOW!). I have been trying to clean out her closet, what a job, still have 6 month stuff in there. (A little attached to clothing am I?) Then I needed to try some stuff on her. She is amazing she just keeps trying things on, then she had to go show them to one of her brothers! What a little card!

The kids were really good today. I think that getting out of the house is the way to go, they get some of their energy out and it tires them out for a couple of days. They actually play quiet nicely when they are in the house now so I am enjoying that! To top it off the whining has really seemed to have gotten better too! It can only rain at night now! :)

The boys each have a wagon and they love to 'hook trailers' up so I had to get creative and devise a way to 'hook' their wagons up to their little cars. So I got out some twine and found some clamps in the garage and we could 'hook' their trailers us!

So you know you are loosing your mind when you write a blog post before bed and forget to publish it! I think I am just going to blame it on being tired! :)



At 4:31 p.m., May 27, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Your daughter sounds so cute. I am so glad your son shows an interest in potty training. Yipee.


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