Monday, May 25, 2009

#248 - Wow a weekend off!

It's amazing how much hubby and I can get done when we are both home all weekend. (Of course Hubby's priorities are TOTALLY different than mine! But whatever at least we got stuff done!)

It was a lot of yard stuff this weekend. Watering the Garden (to which we need a pump so I can use a water sprinkler instead of waiting for gravity to help out! Ugg! :)) We also got our little pool setup. It's 12' across and 30" deep so it's not to big, but it should be fun for the kids! (I want a nice solar heater now to keep us WARM! I am a woosey when it comes to cold water! Not to mention we are in Canada here! :)

I also managed to get a pile of tree branches cleaned up too. Hubby got his 'stuff', whatever the heck that was, done too! So everybody was happy! The kids were beat so they drifted off to sleep in a matter of minutes! Life is good! It was nice that it wasn't snowing for a change! :)

I really could get used to this being home on the weekend thing. I had to give up a shift this weekend so I guess I will really get a chance to hang out and live the life! LOL (Hopefully hubby will get my shelves put up in my storage room this weekend! Then I will be really happy! Although I am not sure that is possible given his anal retentive tendencies with measuring!

- being dirty, the one thing I hate about going outside is feeling so dirty when I come in
- heat.. I am not good in the hot sun!
- trying to water the garden with a teeny little pump and a water tank on the back of the truck (never ever send hubby to buy a water tank... he came home with a 125 gallon tank. Our teeny tiny pool takes 1,400 gallons... Good thing we live two acreages over from the water station! Idiot! LOL) Can you tell I am all about go big or go home! :)
- dirty kids... yuck! (gee I wonder where they get their need to stay clean?

- living on an acreage (still don't like the house, but loving the great outdoors!)
- going for a ride on the lawn tractor... round and round.... (too bad I forgot my ipod) By the way why do they make those seats out of stuff that makes your bum sweat? YUCK! I think I have to get a towel to sit on next time! TMI!

I hate potty training... well at least it is going good with Boy1. Boy2 still screams if we even mention potty. I think I am going to give up for a while and when it is nice out put him in underwear and throw him outside. I think cleaning pee off the floor is disgusting! Baby is next on my list. I want to be done with the diapers and poop in the diapers.

The kids are loving being outside, although I don't think they are ready for all the fresh air. Talk about grumpy and tired in the evening. I have actually cut the boys back to just in the afternoon, anything more seems like to much!

We have been eating lunch and supper outside. We don't have our lawn furniture out so we all sit around the kids picnic table. Hubby and I sit at the ends with our chairs and use the table for our plates. I am sure it is quite a site. But it is definitely a family dinner! I really must get a photo! (I thought it was stupid to put our lawn furniture in the top of the barn that requires a ladder and some tools to get the stuff out, but hubby thought it was a good idea! I wonder when/if we will get our lawn furniture out this year?:) )

Baby has started counting she sometimes makes it to ten. She won't count if she thinks you are listening though! I was trying to get it on video tonight! Good luck with that! Not too bad considering she isn't quite 2 I figure! :) She is my little wandering soul, it's hard to get anything done outside with her around one has to watch her like a hawk. I am sure she would go right for the middle of the road if let go on her own. I need one of those things that you screw into the ground for puppies and tie her to that so I always know where she is! :) I really wish this property was fenced then there would be no worries, urm I mean less worries. (Needless to say there is a fence going up around the pool in the next few days!)

Good night!


At 4:40 a.m., May 26, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

Wow...sounds like y'all got a lot done this weekend. And, it sounds like Baby is a female version of my fearless Gabe.

At 8:06 a.m., May 26, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I am so glad you got stuff done around the house. Sorry potty training is so tough w/Boy 2.


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