Saturday, January 31, 2009

#152 - Work Day

Well it was a working day today!  I was slow to get going this morning as my alarm didn't ring (hubby was awake but for some reason didn't wake me up?).  I managed to make it to work just in time to open.  It was a really busy day today.  I am glad I am done!

Not to much else going on other than that.  I am busy playing with Adobe photoshop as I am interested in learning how to use it.  I call it using my brain for a change! :)

- people who show up at the store 3 minutes before it closes... arg 
- sore feet

- coming home
- cashing out and being 'on'!  LOL

I so miss my monkeys when I am gone all day.  It's not that I can't go a day or two without them.  I do enjoy being away trust me, but I also miss them. 

I think we are going to have to lock up all the matches.  The kids were building pretend fires today (can you tell we have a wood stove in our basement that we use a lot to add some heat to the house).  They take their toys, the wooden ones only (kind of creepy that they figured that out!), put them in the microwave in their kitchen.  I guess it has a door like our wood stove?  They even have a toy with little wood sticks that they use to start the 'fire'.   Great Pyros in training!  Good thing we keep the lighting tools where they can't find them! :)  I can see Boy1 out in the yard one of these days in the future trying to start a fire, god help me! :)

Baby just giggles when I get home, I just love that.  She gets so excited, like she hasn't seen me in months and it was only this morning since I saw her last.

Off I go, hopefully for an early night tonight!


At 5:57 a.m., February 01, 2009, Anonymous Carrie27 said...

I am right there with you, yes, I can handle a little break from the kiddos, but I miss them terribly when I'm away.

At 10:22 a.m., February 01, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I enjoy my time alone but am so happy to see our boys again. Yes, time to hide the matches.


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