Wednesday, January 28, 2009

#148 - I got nothing!

Well today wasn't too exciting!  I did manage to get a couple of pages worked out in my scrapbook (my hour a day scrapbooking if I can sneak it it! LOL)

I am still feeling a little yucky but I think the worst is passed.  Unfortunately now I am just getting ill from stress.  I am just WAITING for the mother to call so I can find out what I did this time.  Nothing I can say will improve our relationship, nothing I can do can make her see what she does to me, because of course it's all MY fault.   So why, why, why do I let her get to me.  Sh*t I wish I never met the women! 

I still haven't replied to the friend that wants me to do more work on her cards!  Tough noogies!

I did get a copy of the student version (ya to teaching) of Adobe Design.  I am bummed as I still haven't had time to play with it.  A girl needs to sleep ya know!  I want to design scrapbooking paper and embellishments!  It just looks like so much fun.  I haven't a clue what I am doing but I am sure I will figure it out!  Give me time and I shall create!

- letting the mother get to me
- letting the mother get to me
and letting the mother get to me!

- hubby home early today
- did some scrapbooking this afternoon while the kids were sleeping (when I should have been working! *naughty*)

Boy1 was on the phone ALL day today.  He was talking to everyone and anyone (not a real phone, not to real people).  It was to funny.  Walking around the house all day with a pretend phone.  He was laughing and nattering and basically never shut up! Weird kid!  LOL

Boy2 has gone backwards with the potty training... oh well tomorrow is another day.

Baby is so busy, she is either entertaining herself or she wants to be held?  What a kid!

It is so nice that hubby is home early!  (I am just not looking forward to the drop in salary that comes with! :) )  Guess that means I need to keep my credit card in my pocket as usual! :)  Not that it is usually a problem, I really don't get out enough apparently! ha ha!

Good night


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