Tuesday, January 20, 2009

#140 - Another day, all gone!

Today was a good day, house guest free and no calls from the mother!  What more can a girl ask for?  (Good kids possibly!  LOL!)

I managed to get two pages done in my scrapbook this morning, got some floors cleaned and this evening after the kiddos went to bed it was time to work for about 2 hrs! 

I must have the most boring blog ever!  I never go anywhere or do anything exciting!  Good thing my kids are interesting! :)

Oh yes and my husband thinks I am obsessed.  I suppose you are wondering what I am obsessed about?  Well the floors, to be exact clean floors!  I am not sure if it is this house or what but I can't seem to get the floors to stay clean.  I have started trying to clean them every few days or so (it's and experiment I am not planning on doing it forever)  It's driving me crazy I can't seem to get them clean.  I am thinking that there is a difference between laminate flooring and the hardwood we had in our old house.   Our floors were never that dirty in the old place.   We had the kids there too so that's not it.  I am wondering if vacuuming worked better on the hardwood, or it cleaned them better or something.  Our hardwood had a shiny surface, maybe a bit smoother I am thinking?  The laminate here was the cheapest stuff we could find (cause we are not planning on keeping it forever) and it does not have a smooth finish.  I am thinking the dirt sticks to it and vacuuming does not clean it up as well as the old stuff?  I dunno. But it is driving me crazy.  I hate it when the bottom of the socks are looking dirty!  We never wear our shoes in the house either so I don't get it!  It's winter where the heck does all the dirt come from, I swear this house ooozes dirt!

-dirty floors
-the weird key board characters on my MAC when I am running vista!  The ' and the ? are not in the right place!
-bed time with the boys!  the are horrible to put to bed, screaming and yelling and procrastinating... Any ideas please let me know!

-creating (scrap books, websites... etc!)
-baby girl, she is so good.  It truly is a different experience to have one at a time.  I am really enjoying it!

Well I knew it was off to a bad start this morning Boy2 was in a good mood when he got up, that meant that he had nowhere to go but downhill!  Unfortunately I was right, he ended up being quite grumpy today.  Which included hitting Boy1 on the head with a toy at nap time and giving him a goose egg.  Sheesh little turkey.  He is really frustrated these days, I wish I could figure out why! 

Boy1 is way to busy yelling these days.  He wants a toy he screams, baby takes a toy he's not playing with he screams, Boy2 looks at one of his toys... you guessed it he screams.  He is back to his constipated self again, so he screams when he has to poop too!  Poor little guy!  Lets hope all the prune juice I gave him today helps out!

Baby... she either wants me to hold her or she's off doing her own thing.  I am amazed at how well she plays on her own.  I am surprised she isn't really grumpy as she is cutting her 4 eye teeth (at least I think that's what they are called).  Anyway 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom!  I am just enjoying watching her grow so much right now.  I am so glad that I am home and able to watch her grow and change.  It makes me just want another one every day!  (Although I could do with out the crying and screaming part that the older fellas seem to be attached to right now! LOL)

We are still potty training around here... Boy2 is doing well except with #2.  Baby asks to go, but usually after she has gone already!  Boy1 is not interested at all!  I am busy enough with trying to get Boy2 doing 'the business' in the potty, so I think I will hold off on Boy1 for a little while. My incentive is LESS diapers to change!  It will be great when they are all trained!  (If I keep saying that I will make it through! LOL)

Good night

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At 2:57 a.m., January 21, 2009, Anonymous ..al said...

Woopsie! Looks like you have your hands full with screaming, bawling kids! But I am sure that after the long battle, it is all very rewarding indeed. I can't help you in the clean floor suggestion department, because I have no experience with the type of flooring you are talking about. Have fun!


At 5:24 a.m., January 21, 2009, Anonymous motheringmymiraclemultiples said...

I don't think your blog is dull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At 8:55 a.m., January 21, 2009, Anonymous littleangelkisses@msn.com said...

WOW, you are a busy lady!

At 9:19 a.m., January 21, 2009, Anonymous In Due Time said...

Busy, busy! :-)

At 12:04 p.m., January 21, 2009, Anonymous Kate said...

wow! you seem like an incredible woman with an incredible story. Good Luck to you!

At 2:20 p.m., January 21, 2009, Anonymous Jo Palmes said...

Wow! You sound like you have your hands full ;) and your far from boring!

Thanks for the comment!

At 2:51 p.m., January 21, 2009, Anonymous Michelle said...

I have the same problems with floors and it drives me CRAZY! If you find a solution let me know.

At 5:10 p.m., January 21, 2009, Anonymous Valerie said...

You seem pretty busy to me. If you ever figure out how to keep the floor clean let me know. My kitchen floor never looks clean even right after I do it.


At 5:55 p.m., January 21, 2009, Anonymous katery said...

wellllllll... i would love to take credit for having a great attitude but the fact of the matter is i never know how i'm going to react to someone's pregnancy/new baby news, monday just happened to be a good day!

At 9:09 p.m., January 21, 2009, Anonymous Annie said...

My DS is the same way with potty training. He even knows when he needs to go #2, but he just wants a new diaper for that purpose and refuses the potty, but he has no problem with the potty and #1. Kids, what can you do?! They have opinions of their own, lol

(my kitchen floor never looks clean either)


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