Friday, January 09, 2009

#128 - Ouch!

Well it seems as though my tennis elbow is back with a vengeance.  Hauling kiddo's around apparently doesn't help! (I don't think using my mouse on the arm of the chair helps either!)  At least I know that it will go away.  My hubby, who finally went to the Dr today, is in a lot of pain and it may not go away.  He did nerve damage to his leg a while back (almost 2 months ago).  It may be permanent and the Dr. said that there probably isn't anything they can do about it.  If the kids even touch his leg or brush by it he is in agony.  They are trying him on medication and he has to go back in two weeks.  I pray that it heals and that his leg doesn't go numb.  I felt sick when he told me it may not go away.

- Nasty roads, more snow the last couple of days (although it's not as bad as last Friday when I got in the fender bender!)
- Mornings... I think they will always bug me and Boy2!
- No night out for me and the hubby tomorrow night :(.  We gave our hockey tickets away :(.  My mother (the babysitter) has been complaining how sick she has been for a week.  The sickest ever, she doesn't know what she is going to do (yaddy yaddy ya!)  So anyway I figured she was to sick to baby sit friday night.  (She is going snow mobiling on the weekend though??? Whatever!)  She had the nerve to tell me (the one that hasn't been out with hubby really since before the boys were born) that the hockey team was playing crappy anyway so it probably won't be a good game.  (It wasn't about the game it was about getting the heck out and doing something with my husband you idiot!)

- I was talking to a lady at work today.  We were comparing ages of kids.  She was saying how busy I must be with twins (she said to me that I bet I was glad I didn't have another set, then I told her that we lost one.  She felt bad,  I told her it was OK.)  She wondered it Twins ran in the family.  I said No, mine were caused due to medical treatments.  She asked me if we did IVF, then she said Oh I hope you don't mind me asking, you don't have to share if you don't want to.  I said yes we did.  She got all ANGRY and said that should be FREE.   It was great to see this poor women all pissed off at our Health Care System for not providing IVF for what she considered a medical problem.  She had never been through IVF or infertility treatments, so I was Impressed.  We need more people that think that way out there!   I have decided that I am not hiding the fact that we went through IVF.  Infertility sucks and if I bump into someone who needs some support at least I have been there done that....
- Friday's!


Baby was a bit clingy today and full of tears in the morning.  I think it had something to do with her shots yesterday.

Potty training sucks! Today at lunch Boy1 wanted gummy bears.  So I said SURE if you go pee on the potty (he was not happy as he screams if I ask him to try sitting on the potty).  Well Boy2 thought this was a great idea.  So he peed, got his gummy bear, flushed, peed, got his gummy bear, flushed... 4 times in a row (but it was from the same bladder full!  So on the fourth go round I told him he was only getting a gummy bear if he emptied his bladder (cause I am really sure he knows what a bladder is! LOL).  Boy1 sat there and tried and tried but no luck!   We don't give the kids a lot of junk food, and they have barely tried any candy.  So why I didn't think of bribing them with Candy when NOTHING else was working is beyond me.  (stickers or candy... hmmm I think I would like candy myself!)  We will see how it goes tomorrow!  Potty training is truly the worst thing I have ever had to do!!  Ugg!  I suppose I will be happy when we are done though!  Sometimes diapers just seam easier though! 

I think Boy1 said the F word or something like it today.  His train when of the track and he said something that started with an F.  Well he sure didn't learn that from me!  I think hubby is going to have a chat with me!


At 8:20 a.m., January 09, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Gee, I wish potty training was easier for you. I only had to do one child at a time, not three. That is funny about Boy1 saying the F word, our oldest repeated his dad saying that when he first started talking, we all know better now. ;o)
There are options for neuropathic pain incl. meds Neur.ontin, Amitry.ptiline, Ly.rica, etc. Also acupuncture, TENS units might help. I deal with this as RN frequently with both adults and children, it's tough. Please let me know if you need anything for Dh.

At 9:15 a.m., January 09, 2009, Anonymous Lollipop Goldstein said...

I cannot agree more that potty training sucks.

That is a great story about the coworker and how much she gets it even being outside the experience.

At 10:31 a.m., January 09, 2009, Anonymous motheringmymiraclemultiples said...

Sorry to hear about hubby's leg. That really sucks. And The F Bomb....Oh My!

So not looking forward to the pooty training around here.

O, we found a sitter and have a date on the 24th January. I can't wait!!!

At 10:35 p.m., January 09, 2009, Anonymous debi9kids said...

Mine don't get a lot of candy we use M&Ms with potty training. So far, it works with Emma, but Will could care less. Boys are so much harder! Good luck!


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