Wednesday, January 07, 2009

#126 - Still Plugging Away!

Yup I am still working on my course.  It's only been three days (nights/nap times and evenings when hubby is home) so I am not doing to bad.  I had a 148 page document to review, comment and add a few new assignments to and I am on Page 107.  Hoping to get to the end of the next section before I go to work tomorrow.  We will see.

Today was a NOISY day around our house.  I had one very grumpy little boy, it also happens to be the one that I am TRYING (not so successfully) to potty train.  (If I could I would give up cause it's not going well! :) ) Thank the lord for the inventors of TreeHouse!  It meant one hour of no screaming here! :)

- my leg that is still sore
- being so very tired
- my mother (every year for the last 3 or maybe it is 4... I can't remember!  She gets a cold.  Then she whines about it, then all of a sudden she has had it for 2 months, then 3, pretty soon it's the last 6 months.  Every year it's the worst cold ever.  She doesn't know what's wrong with her as it can't be a cold.  She is so tired (hmmm isn't that what happens when you get a cold?)  Oh and she can't breathe outside if it's cold.  Funny how she doesn't turn blue when she goes outdoors?  We are supposed to go to a hockey game on Friday, so I guess she doesn't want to babysit cause she is WAY TO SICK)  I think I need to send her the story of the boy who cried wolf!

- being so close to having my course prep done
- when my boys (today it was Boy1) are good to their sister


Poor baby had to go for her shots today.  Dad took her this time as I didn't want to drive (new snow, recent accident, no thanks).  I felt bad not being with her but the hubby was ok with going.  (I had to go twice ALONE with the boys so I think once with one kid is OK! LOL)  Hubby said she did really well (must be because Mom wasn't there! She was not happy at the last appointment!).  Hubby said the nurse didn't want to 'stick' her because she was so cute (aaaawwwwweee, my baby is cute!  Sh*t she must be stollen! LOL).  Hubby was in and out in record time (lucky sh*t).  I guess she told another baby he was cute, and the mother thought Baby was just adorable.  (awwwweee, my baby is cute!  Ya better enjoy it now sister!  I have seen your parents!  LOL)  The women were probably all thinking, what is wrong with that kids mother, where the heck is she!  HA HA!

She was a little sooky before bed so I got to enjoy a breif cuddle! YAY!  She never sits still long enough for that anymore!  I take it when I can get it since the hubby says NO to more kiddos!  Baby was playing with the boys toys this evening, she picked up one of their toy cameras, looks through it, presses the buttons and says SMILE!  HA HA... I guess that means we take way to many pictures around here!  I just can't believe how much more advanced she is speach wise than the boys were at that age (heck I think she can actually pronounce some words better than the boys!)

Boy2 was some kind of N-A-S-T-Y today.  It started before he got out of bed this morning.  NO diaper change mom. Then it was NO MILK at breakfast, so I go him water.  So he went totally crazy because now he wants MILK of course.  The entire day was like that.  NO I don't want it, YES I want it!  Holly Smokes, before lunch I sent him to his bedroom so I could make lunch in peace!  We were done for almost an hour before he DECIDED he wanted to eat.  That kid gets some nasty bugs crawling up his arce (I think it's the one that was up Dads arce for a while.  If I ever catch that sucker I am going to beat it with a broom!!! That is one nasty bug)

Boy1 was 'helpful' today.  He likes to TELL everyone what to do and he attempts to keep Baby inline.  No standing on the couch Baby, Eat your Lunch baby... He was in prime form today.  He is usually really gentle with baby which is nice.  I do have to watch him though!  My little sneak! :)

So I was thinking today.  It seems as though my kids are bad about one out of every 3 days!  They all seem to manage to have a bad day a different day.  So out of 3 days someone is always grumpy around here.  Hmmm I wonder if we could just do it all in one day, get it over with and enjoy the other two?

With that I say Good Night! 


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