Monday, January 05, 2009

#124 - I survived!

Ok so I am a little dramatic today!  I am happy to report that the first day with Dad back at work went very well!  MUCH better than expected (now if only Potty Training would go so well!)

Good news so far on the car accident front.  The gentleman that I hit (more like young fella) called me today.  He had received two estimates for his truck and they were both under $1000.  He said that I didn't have to go report the accident as it was under $1000 damage.  (Apparently he works for the city police... I can sure pick who to hit can't I! :) So he knows how this all works)  We are just going to pay (there goes my next two courses I teach!) out of pocket so that our insurance doesn't go up.  Why do we have insurance again, oh ya to protect our bank accounts when A) we hit someone really hard, B) someone without insurance hits us (been there done that), C) someone decides to screw us over with a bogus injury claim (I am not talking about the real injuries here, just the folks who are out to make some cash!)  Well anyway the estimate was for $954... so I guess that's my New Years gift.  Could have been way worse!  (Now I need a donate button to help me out with my stupidity!  LOL!  Ok I am just joking here.  I have a warped sense of humor I know, but it sounded funny to me. :) )

I was just happy that he doesn't mind if we don't go through insurance!  It was a good day all around, maybe karma is on my side after all?  I do try to be nice to other people, most of the time!  *insert evil grin here!*

It was a brutal night last night.  My leg was sore all night, this is an ongoing problem for me, long story!  Then Baby decided that 2am was a good time to cry.  So I got up, untangled her from her blanket sleeper and her blankets, gave her the soother and she was fast asleep again.  YEY!  So I was just falling asleep and guess what, nope not baby, the light in my bedroom turned on spontaneously.  (Bet ya didn't guess that one!  I am just fiesty tonight aren't I!)  We have a remote for the light/fan (cause I always pull the wrong cords and it drives me NUTS... well anyway for some reason when the light switch is on sometimes the fan or the light just turn on.  I think we need to do something about that one.  Well it used to freak me out when the light turned on in the middle of the night, but I am OK with it now.  Anyway I decided that I didn't want to get out of bed AGAIN so I thought, hmmm can I sleep with the light on.  Turns out I can't so I figured I should get up and shut it off.  (It only took me about 2 minutes to come to that realization at least).  So back to sleep I go, ya right!  You know that state just before you fall asleep, the one where you know it's coming?  Well it was interupted by Boy2 crying.  I think the poor fella had a nightmare.

I hauled Boy2 into my bed, trying not to wake up Boy1.  HA HA HA HA, Boy1 not waking up, as if!  That kid is a lighter sleeper than I am!  So now Boy2 is in bed, Boy1 is screaming for Daddy.  (Dad is long gone to work by this time).  Finally Boy1 goes back to sleep and Boy2 starts doing his pre-sleep routine, which is quite annoying if he is in bed with you.  He likes to rock back and forth on his side for a while.  Well I guess sleep was not in the cards for him!  He stayed awake until Boy1 got up at 8 ish.  Boy2 kept busy, playing with my hair, kicking me in the back, scratching his fingers on the headboard, wiggling around, etc!  So no sleep for Mom.  I wanted to throw him out in the snow, but then I thought he would add screaming to his shenanigans!  LOL

Now I am trying to get my course ready for next week.  I am teaching a new version so I have a lot of work to do!  I will be putting in some late nights this week!

- lack of sleep
- sore leg
- lack of time to get stuff done

- an almost ungrumpy hubby
- being able to clear up the whole accident mess
- seems to have finally got it together and standardized some things across some of the Office 2007 products.  Oh no I actually said something good about something is wrong with me!

The kids were really good today!  Which is amazing due to the lack of sleep. Boy2 did start his morning out with tears as he was looking for Dad.  Baby bonked her head and was upset that Dad wasn't there to cuddle her, she wanted Dad not Mom (Two weeks that man is home and I am chopped Liver all of a sudden  Sheesh! :) )

Baby was a busy monkey today.  She learned how to get up on the couch on the weekend so she has been practicing.  The boys love to put their toys on the couch, so now she just climbs up and helps herself.  Her brothers aren't to appreciative of Baby's new climbing ability!  Oh yes and we have one of those old chairs with the 2 steps that flip out.  It's higher than a regular chair.  Well guess who climbed up the steps and was sitting on the Chair, yup Baby.  She was just proud as could be!  Boy1 is trying to get my attention saying "baby no, Mom, Baby on chair" (or something along that line).   Well you just TRY and pluck that girl from her new perch!  She will great you with a screetch if you get to close.  I was very worried about her falling down so I stood by her and pushed her little bum over everytime she got a little to close to the edge.  She would get some irritated when I touched her as she was afraid I was going to take her off her new found look-out tower!  I think she wants to be taller than she is!  What a racket when I finally grabbed her and took her to another room, trying to find a distraction!  The boys never did that!  She is much more adventerous (oh my) than the boys!

Boy1 was funny, at one time he was worried about Baby so he tried to push her little bum over too!

I was afraid it was going to be a bad day so I decided to use TreeHouse (thank goodness for Bob the Builder people!) to keep at least one of the Boys happy.  Boy2 is a TV junkie, he just stares at it.  Needless to say we barely have the TV on around here.  Well today it was a treat for Boy2 and Mom apparently.  If I can keep Boy1 and 2 doing different things it's like Heaven, no fighting, no whining, no crying.  Boy2 was busy watching Bob the Builder and Boy1 was just plain busy.  They had a snack of goldfish in the morning so I put them in a little bowl on the table.  They take one goldfish, eat it, go back to what they are doing, then repeat.  (It's my method of making sure they aren't sitting on the couch just watching TV, gotta work some exercise in there!  They like to run back and forth, and it's the basement so I say go for it! :) Boy1 naps much better after his morning jogs for gold fish too!)

Anyway a little more work on my course before I go to bed!  Good Night!


At 7:00 a.m., January 06, 2009, Anonymous sky girl said...

Good news about the estimates. Bad news about the sleep. I can't bring Chicka in bed with me. For her that means "ooohhhh, let's play!". It's aggravating.

At 8:26 a.m., January 06, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I hope you get some rest soon, I hope being a zombie from lack of sleep. That's good news about the accident, still quite a bit of money though, sorry.

At 12:52 p.m., January 06, 2009, Anonymous motheringmymiraclemultiples said...

Am still laughing about wanting to throw the boy out in the snow.

At times, would like to chuck snoring hubby out in snow too....that is if we ever actually get snow....just ice forcasted today...1-3 inches of it. I knew I should have asked Santa for skates this year!!!

Hope your leg is feeling better....


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