Saturday, January 03, 2009

#122 - Just call me pathetic!

Well it was meltdown morning today!  I am sure glad that the afternoon was better.

I woke up still stressed about the fender bender yesterday and the friend that ditched me on the car seat she was going to buy from me.  Then I went looking for some paper work.  I found paper work for EVERYTHING but what I was looking for.  Sheesh!   So then it started.  STRESS, the kind I haven't felt in years.  It seems like I go from 0 to maximum so quickly sometimes it drives me crazy.   What was more annoying it was just all little stuff, nothing that should bother me to the extent that I was stressing about.  I think my frustration level with this house has hit an all new level.  I don't ever want to move again as I keep loosing stuff and I can't find stuff.  The worst part is that I knew where all the 'lost stuff' was in the old house.   I feel like I have lost my mind, I think I need to phone the people that live in our old house and see if they have seen it anywhere?  LOL!

so far the following items are MIA, if you know where I put them please let me know! :)
- one memory stick (lost Dec 07 - thought it would turn up by now!)
- then add 2 more (lost OCT 08)
- my 8 * 10 oval cutter (can't find it Jan 09)
- paper work for old car seat (can't find it Jan 09)
- my mind (can't remember when I lost that!  07 sometime I think?)

So instead of getting stuff done it seems like I am always looking for something.  So I am NOT looking anymore, you hear me you little gremlins that hide my sh*t just to drive me crazy!  NO MORE looking for me, so go find someone else to drive crazy cause I am already NUTS! :)

I forgot to mention the close call we had a couple of days ago.  The kids got a new Crayola Glow Station for Christmas, one light pen, 3 kids, NOT GOOD.  So we gave the other two a flashlight and made them share.  They were really good, when they weren't using the flashlight they would turn them off.  We had this little yellow flashlight that we have been using for years, never a problem.  One of the boys brought it to Dad and said too hot.  It was burning up, and it wasn't on.  There was a piece of brass in it that I guess had moved around and short circuted the batteries.  The thing was so hot that the battery casings were starting to melt.  At first I thought it was just hot from being on, but my Hubby said no its way to hot and it wasn't on.  Thank the angels that led our boy to bring it to Dad's attention.  Someone could have been burned or worse.  Scarry.  My hubby took the flashlight apart and removed the stray piece and it has been fine ever since.  I think I will be getting another glow station light before I let them play with it again.  No more flashlights.  I think we will be inspecting battery operated things a little more carefully from now on.

- icy roads
- stupid people on icy roads (hmmm that probably includes me now that I hit someone! GREAT)
- super dooper cold weather
- when I can't get my computer to do what I want it to!
- people who buy something from you then back out without telling you
- stressing about stupid things
- potty training, can't they just wake up one day and be trained?
- the end of the hubby's vacation
- a new year when you are behind on the scrapbook!  Arg to many years to deal with, now I am getting confused!

- sleeping in (hubby has been so kind)
- my hubby FINALLY in a good mood (just in time to go back to work on Monday... :( )
- spontaneous hugs from the kiddos
- my blog and blog friends! :)
- finally getting all my professional pics into my family album!


Potty training sucks!  I didn't think it was going to be fun, but I didn't think it was going to be quite this annoying.  I am thinking that daycare until they are trained may be a good idea.  I should be able to find some full time work for a couple months! :)

Boy2 did really well yesterday, but today wasn't great.  Hoping that tomorrow is better.  I am taking the attitude that I will kind of work with him, but not push to hard and hope that works out.  It's a full time job just to train one.  The other screams when we mention the potty so we are leaving him, for now.  One at a time is enough to keep me out of trouble anyway!  My hats are off to the daycare/dayhome providers that do this on a regular basis, you guys rock!   I guess it would have been better to start earlier, then at least they are a little less set in their ways!?!

We had Risky Business day around here yesterday.  For anyone who hasn't seen the movie, it's the one where a young Tom Cruise dances in his briefs! (I attached a link to utube if you are interested in Tommy when he was younger, he was cute back then! LOL).  Well back to my house, Boy2 was dancing in his Bob (the builder) pull-up just like Tom.  It was kind of funny, but you probably had to be here! 

When I went to work last night Boy2 came to wave at me and apparently "Bob" was waving at me too??? 

Baby is still suffering through the cold but she seems to be a little less grouchy (thank goodness, it gives Mom a chance to be grumpy for a while instead!)

Boy1 is currently our character, the faces that child makes are unbelievable, and funny.  Him and his bro are starting to understand more and more and are already forming opinions on all sorts of things.  It's funny when they look at you and say NO MOM very matter-a-factly.  Great I am already stupid and they are only three! :)

It's so hard not to just laugh so hard sometimes, but that just encourages them more!

Good Night from Frosty Canada.  It's so cold here I am surprised the internet has slowed down!  :)


At 9:26 a.m., January 04, 2009, Anonymous motheringmymiraclemultiples said...

Just catching up on all the action in your little corner of the world. So sorry to hear about your fender bender. I haven't had one of those in quite a few years (knock on wood).
My monsters have colds too and are just miserable. Hopefully they will start to clear up.

Hoping that your holidays were merry and bright.

At 12:40 p.m., January 04, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

That is crazy about the meltdown of the toy, I'm glad nobody was hurt and it sounds like the toy needs to be recalled for safety reasons. I hope things settle down for you, and I'm glad hubby is in a good mood.
Good luck with potty training, I had the boys ask to be trained and you are so right, preschool helps alot. Good old peer pressure!

At 10:42 p.m., January 04, 2009, Anonymous Soralis said...

Actually the Toy was ok it was our little flash light that had the issue. Sorry for being confusing


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