Thursday, January 01, 2009

#120 - A year in review

 - still getting settled in the new house
 - adjusting to a smaller place
 - trying to unpack and organize while the kids nap in the afternoon

 - found out our septic tank is toast
 - contacted the inspection company, they said they would pay half then they backed out  (insert nasty words here)
 - got really grumpy
 - had a new water system installed
 - basement painting

 - still unpacking
 - worked in the basement on the floor
 - still organizing when the kids nap

 - started thinking about what to do for the kids birthdays
 - enjoying the spring weather
 - major snow storm at the end of the month, dad made a big snow family, complete with a baby snowman
 - still unpacking and organizing - hmm I see a trend here!

 - our 14th anniversary
 - starting to freak out about planning for the kids birthday parties (I am usually done planning about 6 months in advance, I know I am a freak!)

- started teaching (job2)
- started a new job (job1)
- did some work for Job3
- still unpacking and organizing, mostly unpacked what I can for now!
- Baby's 1st Birthday (happy and sad)  It was freaking hot out!!!
- had to get ready for aunt and uncles 50th and their son's 25th anniversary's

- working in the yard a bit
- enjoying time with the kids
- Boys turned 3, another hot day for a b-day party!
- maternity leave up, quit my job/career of 17.5 years (still kind of freaks me out)
- working to much at job1
- big anniversary party on the long weekend
- my first time pulling the trailer with the truck (just me and the kiddos)
- spent a week in the trailer with the kids... NO fun at all!  They don't like to go to sleep in the trailer!
- still organizing the house and looking for the memory stick I lost when we moved!

- working way to much at job1!!!
- hubby trying to get shed built before winter, no time with me at work all the time!
- more yard stuff
- more house organizing and re-organizing.  Still can't find anything!

- teaching again
- thinking when I get used to my new work structure that life will slow down a bit.   HA HA HA!  What was I thinking!
- planned a trip to see the In-laws
- finishing up yard stuff before the winter

- off to the in-laws for three weeks.  Not fun staying in their house for 3 weeks though.
- enjoyed a fairly warm Halloween with the kiddos!
- not to much re-organizing this month!
- busy with Job #3

- crazy.. too much working and teaching and taking classes, hubby and I home 2 full days together for entire month!
- still finding time to re-organize stuff!

- finally get tree up and the house decorated
- Baby started walking
- more working and courses
- Christmas
- New Years and that's about it!
- 1 year since we moved into our house (YIPEEE!  *insert sarcasm here!*) and somehow we are unpacked and organized and I have managed to move into re-organize mode!  (I think I found the last three boxes and got them cleaned up this month! Hubby still has some of his crap to deal with though!)  After a year I have grown past disliking the house to hating it, but I am happy here if that makes any sense at all?  I guess I will always miss the last house... if those walls could talk.  It wasn't even our first house which is kind of weird, you think I would be more attached to that house.  Anyway enough whining about the house, I am here to stay now and as the years go by it will get nicer! (I hope!)

In the end I am amazed at how much we have accomplished this year.  My hubby had 2 days of help from a friend when building the shed and the rest we have done ourselves in 2 hour increments when the kids have been sleeping.  We had no help at all from anyone in my family, not even a day babysitting, so I think we have done pretty well and we have still managed to find lots of time for the kiddos! (Which of course is the most important!)  It truly is amazing how much you can get done during a 2 hour nap!  LOL

With that it's on to a New Year... Out with the old and in with the cold!  (4 of 5 of us are all coughing and snotting!  Lovely!  At least we will all get over it at once!)


At 10:48 a.m., January 02, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Wow, what a Year! Congratulations on all your accomplishments, Silver. You are amazing, I could not half of that with three little ones and work!


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