Monday, July 21, 2008

Moving on...

I have decided to move to new 'digs'... Please feel free to join me ..

Good-bye to my old blog, the one that helped me through my second try at IVF. I wish I would have found you sooner when I started my journey. Eleven years of infertility have left deep scars that I hope to heal with the joys that come with spending time with my 3 children.

Here's to one day seeing the end to infertility.

Good Night

Updated!  My new blog was imported into this one!


At 1:32 p.m., August 02, 2008, Blogger Soralis said...

hey dats my name too...Soralis check my page

At 8:34 a.m., August 04, 2011, Anonymous Brittanay said...

Good luck with your new blog. Blogging can be so helpful when you are facing fertility, I did not start mine until I already had our little one. Wish i would have started sooner as well. I am glad you are finally blessed with your family.


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