Thursday, July 31, 2008

#13 - Things that make your heart stop

Today was a basement day. If we don't go outside to play when Baby goes down for her nap, then we head to the basement to play. We do this quite often and the boys finally graduated from crawling down backward to going down the stairs the 'normal' way. So I take any toys down for them that they want and tell them to be very careful and I go down before they do. Today was the same as every other day. I just set down their blankets and headed back to the stairs to ensure they came down safely, when all of a sudden I heard a bonk, I turned around and managed to catch one of my boys before he fell all the way down the stairs. It was horrible as I saw him literally tumbling down the stairs head over heals. Since I managed to catch him in mid tumble he at least didn't go all the way down. But then my mind quickly went back to basic 1st aid, where you shouldn't move someone until you know what's up. Now I am going 'Oh Crap' what happens if I hurt him more. He was screaming but no worse than normal so I figured he must be ok. I went and sat with him on the couch and he calmed down quite quickly. Well trying to ask a 3 yr old if anything is wrong is kind of pointless so I started asking him to move his arms and legs and if he has any boo boos.

It turned out that he had a couple of scrapes on his poor little feet, and one on his back. He was ok to go play so I am figuring that a paranoid mom trip to the dr. isn't required. My friends boy who is about the same age fell off the bed and broke his arm and my little guy tumbled down the stairwell so I thought for sure he would break something. He must bounce good? By the way I still feel like crap this afternoon and there wasn't really much I could do to stop it. I guess they are going to fall I just have to get used to it.

KIDDO Funnies

So when do I get to use the bathroom again without the commentary? Today I had to do some 'business', of course we are trying to work on potty training around here so it's all about potties these days. So I go to do my business with one boy in tow. I shut the door and he parks himself outside, sometimes he even bends over to look under the door and I get to see little fingers. So of course he starts with 'Mom Pee Potty'. Then after some wind needed to get out it was 'Moooom BIIIIGG toot'. (Gee thanks bud! I am sure the entire neighborhood could hear.) Well today was a plop plop day... so at the end the last thing I heard is 'YAY mom POOOOP POTTY'.... I am surprised he didn't go get me a sticker!

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At 8:24 a.m., August 01, 2008, Anonymous DD said...

When XBoy was about 2 1/2, he fell from the top of a playground slide. I saw in slow motion his face hit the dirt, and his back flipped the opposite way. I ran to him and picked him up and only thought of how dangerous that could have been if he had actually injured his neck/back. But you react on motherly instincts and that is to sooth and to calm.

Luckily, the worst thing that happened is he took in a mouthful of sand, but I will never forget those moments. Thank God children are flexible little beings.

At 11:08 a.m., August 05, 2008, Anonymous The Mama said...

Sorry to hear of the tumble.

I did, however spew my tea across the room when I read your kiddo funnies.

It was just what I needed today.

thanks a million.


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