Friday, September 08, 2006

IVF #2 officially underway!

Sorry I have been MIA life has been crazy these days. I started back to work this week (they are still working out my login details... what a disaster!) I still do not have a placement though so I am very nervous about loosing my job. For now I am employed... and I have a lot of vacation to use up which is another problem from a placement prospective. Ahhh life is what happens when you have OTHER plans (and good ones I must admit!)

Well I started my nasal spray on my dh's birthday (yesterday). I had to go into work (I am supposed to be able to work from home but that hasn't worked out yet due to some issues to do with remote access to work.. gotta love technology!). Anyway I managed to remember all my sniffy stuff but I forgot to wish my hubbs a happy birthday. I felt so bad :(

We are still waiting to hear about the house that may be going up for sale that we may buy... Life stuff is making me so tired that the IVF stuff seems so far away. It won't be long though now that we have started the first phase of the drugs. I am not really worried about the injections this time, I guess there is something good about being a newbie. And this time I will not be surprised about the prog suppositories as I already know about them. Ya when I was a newbie I didn't know about those, I was mortified the day of my ret when I found out about them! LOL! Of all things to be mortified about, I picked the suppositories!

I am not sure if I am hopeful for this cycle? I just hope that before we run out of embies that I am lucky enough to get PG.... But isn't that what we all hope for?

On a child care note it looks like my Aunt (bless her heart & willingness to travel) will do whatever she needs to, to help us out for ret. & transfer. The rest of the time I guess I will be sans hubby as I just can't bring myself to take the boys to the clinic. I would hate me if I was waiting and some idiot came in pushing a double stroller. If I was the waiter instead of the double stroller pushing crazy lady I would have wondered what the hell someone with twins is doing in a fertility clinic. See I am a bad person! LOL (I am sure many of you would understand, you are just so much better people than I was during my primary infertility battle.) They need secondary IF clinic days I think!

On top of everything else I have found myself some 'extra' work, which will help finance the latest IVF. (Not sure when I am going to work on it though??? I am worried about working to hard and getting my self sick. I was sick for my 1st IVF and retrieval was no fun with a cold and low oxygen stats!)

I will try to keep more up-to-date, I am sure it will take a while to get into my new routine with being back at work.

Luck and success to all!

Take care


At 1:22 p.m., September 08, 2006, Blogger Krista said...


Good to hear things are ticking along. I have a friend who did IVF at your clinic and she was telling me about the nasal spray. My clinic doesn't use that. I think I am glad. It doesn't sound like something I would enjoy.

At 2:50 p.m., September 08, 2006, Blogger DD said...

Luck and success to you, too, my dear.

At 3:15 p.m., September 08, 2006, Blogger My Reality said...

Life is what happens when you have other plans, it always seems to be that way!

I hope that things with work smooth themselves out quickly and everything goes well with the house, cycle etc.

Good Luck!

At 3:53 p.m., September 08, 2006, Blogger Nico said...

Nice that your cycle is starting! I always found the waiting in between so tiresome! I hope that everything works out well with your job, and that your fears don't come to pass.

At 4:31 p.m., September 08, 2006, Anonymous amanda said...

It's always good when the ball starts rolling. Best of luck with this cycle!

At 5:49 p.m., September 08, 2006, Anonymous Lori said...

Good luck with the upcoming cycle. I'll be hoping for the best.

At 11:26 p.m., September 08, 2006, Blogger Bea said...

We know you're busy - just catch us up when you can.

Bless your Aunt.

Good luck with the house.

Busy can be good - as long as you can handle it. Hope you can leap buildings.


At 7:07 a.m., September 09, 2006, Blogger dawnatello said...

good luck an dont burn the candle at both ends

At 12:55 p.m., September 09, 2006, Anonymous Jennie said...

wishing you luck and great success with this cycle, fantastic news about your Aunt being able to help with the babes you're a sweetheart for thinking and worrying about primaries. happy sniffin/jabbin

At 6:03 p.m., September 09, 2006, Blogger Rumour Miller said...

wow! Lots going on for you. Wishing you all the best for this upcoming IVF, all your work, getting the new house and ALL that jazz.

Take care of you.

At 7:04 p.m., September 09, 2006, Blogger MoMo said...

Good luck with the are right, there are things some good things about being a newbie. I hope the job front works out. Hugs!

At 9:22 p.m., September 09, 2006, Blogger Samantha said...

I hope your job continues to work out for the best.

I have a question for you: I just started drinking soy protein shakes and taking some all-natural vitamins and I'm concerned about the soy. Is it good for you or not? Does it cause infertility as I have read? I started doing some research and now I'm concerned. I'm also late for my period and not pregnant. Any thoughts? What have you heard on this subject?

At 8:05 a.m., September 10, 2006, Blogger Angie said...

I hope #2 is it for you!

At 12:21 p.m., September 10, 2006, Anonymous flygirl said...

Wow. Things sound pretty upside down in your world these days!

I'll be thinking about you.

At 2:18 p.m., September 10, 2006, Blogger Kellie said...

Good luck with your cycle!

Keep us updated as you can.

At 10:08 a.m., September 11, 2006, Blogger songbird36 said...

Ahh, the excitement of a new cycle. Best of luck to you and try not to run yourself ragged!

At 6:12 p.m., September 11, 2006, Blogger Kris said...

Good luck this cycle. Hope things settle down for you soon.

At 10:29 p.m., September 11, 2006, Blogger sube said...

Congrats on getting started. Distractions can be nice, but hope you get to relax soon.

At 7:48 p.m., September 13, 2006, Blogger Demeter said...

It sounds amazing that things are happening. A new IVF and new hope. I wish you the best! Your market is really hot in terms of real estate, it is crazzzyyyy!

Good Luck! (will cross my fingers)


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