Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Another crazy day!

Well tomorrow is my first trip to my clinic. I am planning on getting up around 3am to make the 4 hour journey for my u/s and blood work. Only to turn around and come home. I am hoping that I do not have to go back until Sunday. The next trip I am going down and staying down until we are done! (I did the traveling back and forth last time, I ended up really sick so I said only once this time!) I have to get our trailer packed up and ready to go on Friday and we will either leave Friday or Saturday. My husband & boys will come down for the weekend then head back to work for a couple of days then come back down when his 'donation' is required. It will be hard being away from him and the boys for 3 whole days but I am sure I can manage. I think I am going to try to rent a car while I am down there as rental for 3 days is about the same as gas in my truck and this way I don't have to drive when it's time to go home. (I know how crappy I felt last time after ER, I can't imagine driving for 4 hours after that! :) )

Well this week has been another of 'those' kind of weeks. It started out with a call to make sure my benefits had been reinstated so I can resubmit my prescriptions. Guess what, not fixed, so it was back to work to work on them. So as of yesterday it looks like everything is resolved. So now I just have to wait to see if I get my check or not. I am not holding my breath that it is straightened out yet, I will wait until I get the money. But here's hoping.

Yesterday I had to go in to work as my working remotely thing was sort of cancelled. (A pile of other people in the office do it but apparently I am not allowed.) So my babysitter calls me on Monday night, she is sick and can't come over, normally I wouldn't have worried and I would have just worked from home anyway but I had an internal interview so I had to go in. My poor husband went into work at 1am and came home in time for me to go to work. He is such a dear, and thank goodness for flexible work hours! I called everyone I knew for help, but no one was available. I thought that all the years of going out of our way to help other people would count for something... apparently not. I need to live closer to the hubby's family, they would have lined up to help I am sure! (So my babysitter is feeling better and is taking the boys for me when I head off to my clinic tomorrow, lets pray she doesn't give the boys or I her cold. I almost told her not to worry that I would make other arrangements but I figured I would take my chances.)

Well my internal interview went well, I am very happy about it and really hope I get the position. There was a few things I could have done better, but it has been about 15 years since I interviewed for a position so I figured I did ok anyway. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity. It is a remote position, so theoretically I can work from home... although now it seems like they don't want anyone working from home so who knows. It would be a global position so the hours might be kind of weird so I really hope that doesn't mean I have to be in a work for early morning or late night meetings. Time will tell. I should find out on Friday, wish me luck!

Oh and did I mention not only do I have fertile friends I have fertile family members as well! So here's my morning yesterday, log on to my computer, start up my messaging tool, MIND MY OWN BUSINESS, and start working. All of a sudden, blinkie blinkie, a relative is trying to chat with me. The first thing she says is do you have the SIL's email address. Yes I do so I sent it to her (it's her cousin so it was ok not to ask first! :) ). Then she says did you see my message on MSN? I said no as I have to use a different method at work so I don't see the MSN comments. (All of a sudden red lights in my head start going off... she's PG I bet). Then she says I am 6 1/2 weeks PG. I am so glad that I am not actually looking at her, it's much easier to say 'congrats' on the computer and sound really excited for them than it is too look so happy. I was happy for them but my own personal sadness I am sure was written all over my face. I can't even being to imagine being so excited at 6 1/2 weeks, I wonder if she knows how lucky she is? This is there third. So anyway I said I was at work and had to go. All of a sudden... blinkie blinkie... SIL now has a message. Guess what C is PG. No hello, just Guess what C is PG. Yes I know thank you, that is wonderful for them! Of I went to work again. Well f*ck a duck (thanks fly love that one!) yet another family member has just logged on, found out and decided to share the news. Every half hour yesterday someone just had to share with me!! Ugg! Oh well I just wish her a HH9 months and no issues. Her first PG was 4 years into our IF journey, her 2nd PG was when we started IVF... it just never ends does it! Guess I better get used to it.

I will try to update after my first trip to the clinic. If I can't 'borr.ow' a wir.eless connection I may not be able to update you folks until I get back.

Thanks for being there!

Quote of the day
Love what you do.
Believe in your instincts.
And you'd better be able to
pick yourself up
and brush yourself off
every day.
~ Mario Andretti


At 3:43 p.m., September 27, 2006, Blogger Lut C. said...

A drive-by PG announcement is bad enough, without it having an echo. I'd have turned MSN off, I think.

At 6:41 p.m., September 27, 2006, Anonymous Meri-ann said...

Erk, I'm just waiting for the pg announcements to come flying my way- I know of a few people who would be trying about now, and 3 of my friends have had babies this week,ouch....
Good luck with the interview, hpe you get the job! and happy jabbing! x

At 8:03 p.m., September 27, 2006, Anonymous Jys said...

UGH! Those pregnancy announcements are the WORST. I guess some are easier than others - messenger is probably easier than face to face, but they all give you that blow in the stomach non-the-less.

Hope your visit to the clinic goes OK. You have a really nice blog - I spent some time checking it out today :)

At 3:46 a.m., September 28, 2006, Blogger Bea said...

Wow, that's some serious to-ing and fro-ing you're going to be doing there. Hope you find that wireless connection.


At 5:51 a.m., September 28, 2006, Blogger Courtney said...

Good luck at the clinic ... and I will cross my fingers for your for your job!

At 6:56 a.m., September 28, 2006, Blogger serenity said...

Ugh. Ditto lut c- I would have turned MSN off too. That sucks.

At 8:09 a.m., September 28, 2006, Anonymous KIMMER said...

Safe journeys and I wish you tons of success with this upcoming cycle. Sorry about your friends with the blinkies.... God, some people just don't get it!

At 10:36 a.m., September 28, 2006, Blogger Hopeful Mother said...

I hope your travel is safe and uneventful.

I just went through two phone calls with my brother and sister-in-law where I swore they kept setting up the conversation to tell us they're pregnant, but they didn't... it's pure torture when you hear those words from family and you're trying...

Wishing you all the best this week with the IVF and of course the job!

At 10:42 a.m., September 28, 2006, Blogger Rumour Miller said...

UGH! I hear you. I got one today too.

How lucky she is, indeed.

At 10:02 a.m., September 29, 2006, Blogger Barely Sane said...

Wow, I can't even imagine that kind of commute for treatments. Good thinking on staying put in your trailer.

Ugg, PG announcements. Just had one myself last week and it still stings.


At 11:43 a.m., September 29, 2006, Blogger GLouise said...


At least you didn't have to interact with them "live" and in person. Still annoying!

At 6:22 p.m., September 29, 2006, Blogger Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Pregnancy announcements can be so difficult. Good luck with your appointment. I hope that everything goes well.

At 7:32 a.m., September 30, 2006, Blogger Angie said...

URGH! Those prego announcements are the worst! I hope the job thing turns out well. Good luck at the clinic!


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