Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Some days....

So this is the story of my weekend scrapbooking workshop. I hold scrapbooking workshops at my house about once a month and I usually have 2 to 4 people show up. Well my usually gang was there. I have this one friend (I really need to find some new friends) that comes regularly. She doesn't scrapbook all day, it's too much for her hyperactivity (uggg) and she doesn't seem to think it's an issue to disrupt everyone else. Now these are paid workshops $10/person (I don't actually make anything as I have gifts for everyone then a door prize, and everyone gets a prize. So basically I give away 10 or so dollars worth of stuff).

I really get ticket off when she disrupts everyone, just because she is 'done'. Maybe if she sat down for 5 minutes and didn't "flit" around the room all day she wouldn't get tired after 3 hours. Oh ya and she is ALWAYS late too, that drives me crazy. Every time she says "Oh I thought it started at 10am". They ALWAYS start at 9:30am???

Well that wasn't the issue this weekend. My gawd I could have slapped her this past weekend! She invited her daughter over with her 4 month old. Who invites someone over to someone else's house when everyone is scrapbooking? WTF. (Oh yes and she knows we are going through another FET and she invites her ubra-fertile unwed daughter over... great nice reminder)

Well there is a knock at the door so my friend exclaims "My baby is here". I corrected her immediately, that's her grandbaby. So she kept saying it over and over and over again. Well her daughter and the 4month old came in. My husband answered the door and Grandma was there and whipped the kid out of the car seat before the Mother was even in the door. Ok I understand being excited about having your grandkid visit... but ACT your freakin age.

Needless to say in she came to show him off. Then the real fun started. Grandma takes baby, gives baby back, takes baby, puts baby on the floor, picks baby up right away... you get the picture. I thought he was a hot potato not a freaking baby! Then the mother says he doesn't like clothes, he's ok in sleepers though. (He was in a sleeper). Then all of a sudden grandma was stripping the kid down to his diaper, then not five minutes later dressing him up again. Then she started 'flitting' around my house with the kid. She helped herself to ANYTHING she wanted. To top it off I went upstairs to find her in my living room. Our living room has double French doors that were closed (I keep it that way to keep it less dusty since we don't use the room). We have hardwood in their that my husband and I installed (so ya we are a bit anal about it. I keep all my "fragiles" in there and it's OFF limits to any/all kids. So she had taken a bouncy seat and slammed in on the floor in there (of course she only had him in there for 5 minutes) then she took the toy bar off and hucked it on the floor too. WTF... SHOW some damn respect!! I wouldn't do that at someone else's house. I wouldn't care but we don't do that in our living room so what the heck would think that I am ok with some freaking hyper lady throwing shit around in there. If I had of been upstairs I would have told her to stay the hell out of there. If you want piece and quite for the baby maybe you should take him home or go into the spare room maybe? Or here's one for you... ASK where she can go... As you can see I was and am still really ticked off!

(I don't know why I am surprise? Whenever her other daughter, lets call her leach girl, comes over to scrapbook she roots through my kitchen for lunch. Even though all my workshop information says Lunch not included. It also ticks me off that when she has lunch she just takes over in the kitchen, which I always have clean. She makes one heck of a mess and just leaves it. I would NEVER do that at someone else's house... I guess that's the difference between me and her)

Well I have had my rant for the day I can let it go and feel better now! :)

Clinic called, start taking my estrace April 18 and my Baseline U/S is set for May 1st. Est Txfr date May 6th.

FET Thoughts
Well Aunt F is here... yey (It's pretty sad that one is happy about that!!!) I phoned my clinic yesterday so now I am just waiting for my u/s date. Getting closer.

I am really getting nervous I so want this to work but I know it may not. My hopes are so high I am afraid what will happen if it doesn't work. Infertility sucks! But you guys all know that!!!

Quote of the day
"A true friend is one who overlooks your failures and tolerates your successes."
- Doug Larson

I figured that this one was appropriate given my post today!

Warning kids discussed
I still can't believe how fast the boys are growing. They are almost 9 months now. We are still trying to decide what to do about work. If I get PG I am crazy not going back to work for that 1 year mat leave. I don't like the thought of leaving my boys in the care of someone else. We worked so hard to get them and I love every single moment I spend with them. So on that front I am now covered for 2 days a week for child care (my husband was just approved to work a 4 day week until next june). I have decided that if I can't get PG again I am only working until next June, then I am going to try to get a job teaching night classes. That way I can stay connected to my field and still bring in a bit of money and best of all stay home with my boys.

I am getting ready for Easter, I never thought I would ever have children to celebrate with. I am not spoiling the boys as they are way to young but I am getting them something little and I bought the each an Easter basket. That was just so fun. I also got them a set of bunny ears each. I couldn't find any blue ones so I got some fabric paint and I am painting the inside of the ears blue! Can't have the boys in pink now can I? :)

The fellas are now sitting up on their own and doing a pretty good job. Now we just have to work on eating stuff. All my friends much younger kids are eating cherios already and my guys just choke on them (I know I shouldn't compare). I feel like a really bad mom when it comes to eating I just have no idea what I am doing and what I should be working on. I suppose it will all come eventually. I think sometimes it is harder for those of us who have suffered from IF and totally cut the fertile/baby world out of our lives. Our friends are older and won't be having kids anytime soon. I have done some reading but I am so afraid they are going to choke on something I am terrified to feed them anything but the strained baby food. Then there is napping, I have them sleeping in the bags at night but they are growing so fast that they are going to be out of the soon. I have been trying to get them to nap with a blanket but I am terrified that they are going to roll over and choke themselves. I am always checking on them, and sometimes I am scared to check on them in case something is wrong. I suppose I will always worry.

Well it's time I go nap time is over. Take care


At 9:30 a.m., April 12, 2006, Blogger sara said...

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At 10:45 a.m., April 12, 2006, Blogger Maya said...

You are very patient. I am suprised her invitation to scrapbook hasn't gotten "lost" in the mail. :)

At 12:20 p.m., April 12, 2006, Blogger Katie said...

You might want to try soaking the cheerios before you give them to the boys. It's messy, but helps them get used to texture and lessens the risk of choking. I used to put my boys in their highchairs, then place small plastic bowls with a few (5 or 6) cheerios in them in front of the boys. Add a little milk (maybe a tablespoon or two), and let the cheerios soak up a little milk. You can spoon them individually into the boys' mouths, or they can try to pick them up, but that's a messy and mostly soggy option.

They'll eat plenty when they are ready. I made my own baby food with a food processor and water from whatever we were having for dinner. That was nice because first off, it was cheap, and secondly, I could control how strained or lumpy it was. My boys transitioned to table food pretty easily. If you want more ideas on that, let me know and I'll email you some good recipes and tips.

At 1:27 p.m., April 12, 2006, Blogger Flygirl said...

I am apalled at your "friend". I know this is easier said than done but perhaps you need to uninvite her. There comes a point when we gotta start looking after ourselves first and worry about others later.

I would have been livid. You are a much kinder person that I am.

At 1:30 p.m., April 12, 2006, Anonymous Kristin said...

Your transfer date is my son's first birthday, so I hope you have extra good luck!!! I'm praying for you!

At 2:45 p.m., April 12, 2006, Blogger Rumour Miller said...

Any chance she can be "uninvited" to future scraps? I would be ranting about that too.

At 4:14 p.m., April 12, 2006, Blogger Just another Jenny said...

Ugghhh, I don't like that scrap book friend of yours, there is one in every crowd!

At 7:15 p.m., April 12, 2006, Blogger Beth said...

You are a bastion of patience - I would have to uninvite her to future gatherings and not just for the kid thing, but for the overall lack of respect for you as a person and for your home. Ugh.


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