Monday, March 06, 2006

And I cried...

There was a great show on Life network Canada last night called Embryo Adoption. It really hit home. They were discussing Snowflakes embryo adoption. They are situated in the US. They used to accept embryos from Canada however due to a frig up at the Canada/US border they don't accept embryos from Canada any more. (What a shame I felt somewhat better when I heard that this may be an option vs. Anonymous donation). The show was pretty good, just the mention of IVF/IF/Babies etc brought me to tears. I did take issue with a few things in the show, the couples they showed all had success immediately and the one who was PG found out by U/S?? What the heck, they even saw the heart beat (Isn't that only visible around 6 or 7 weeks? I doubt she waited that long to find out she was PG). Well It was wonderful to hear that this is an option in the US, I hope someday it is an option in Canada as well.

I suppose it would be difficult to allow someone to 'adopt' any 'left over' embryos, however I would feel better about that option vs. destruction of the embies. Also it would be nice to at least know if there are genetic children out there somewhere. I tried to link to their site (Snowflake embryo adoptions) but it appears to be 'down'.

If I have any frozen embies left when I am done I sure hope that I could put them up for adoption. As much as I would be sad that my genetic children are somewhere else other than with me I would be just happy that they were out there somewhere instead of destroying them.

FET Thoughts
I hate waiting!

Today is ultrasound day... great full bladder! I am quite sure I will get to hang out with the dildo cam too!

Quote of the Day
"It is only possible to live happily-ever-after on a day-to-day basis."
- Margaret Bonnano


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