Monday, February 06, 2006

Trying again - the old fashion way!

Ok so while I am waiting for my HSG appointment I figured why not try to get PG the old fashion way right? After 11 years of TTC and 2 failed rounds of IVF and one round of successful IVF what the heck would make me think that I could possible get PG unassisted?? Am I freaking crazy? I must be!!! It would be nice to save the costs of another round of IVF, but something tells me that I won't be that lucky!

I am patiently waiting for Aunt Flo to show up again (I really don't like mother nature at all, she is an awful crabby one that's for sure). I am quite sure she will she ALWAYS does!! And yet again I will be dissapointed. Why is that? You would think I would learn after so many years. None of our family or friends know that we are trying again... I don't want to hear the typicall comments that people that have never dealt with IF say!! Why is it people feel they have to say SOMETHING??? Just keep your freaking mouth shut? (That should be a button for people with IF issues!! ha ha)

Well another day will pass and I will still be hoping that I will be lucky enough that Aunt Flo will skip me this month!

To anyone out there suffering with IF, I wish you all success.


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