Wednesday, February 22, 2006

This must be self torture month! ha ha!

This month, first it's teeth pulling then it's HSG. I guess it's clean up month!!

Well I had my last 2 wisdom teeth pulled yesterday! Finally the nasty one is out! I have only been procrastinating for the past 10 or so years!!! Actually longer I suppose! I can't believe I waited so long... A couple of days of discomfort vs. years? I feel a little crappy today but I am glad that I am done. I had the last two out in November, they had to 'dig' one out. It was visible however apparently the extraction was like an impacted tooth. It was much quicker yesterday.

I do hate the noise when they break off though. And when she was pulling the top tooth out I thought that my nose was going to come with it. They had to freeze me twice and still I felt some discomfort, but I wasn't saying anything cause I just wanted the freaking thing out. I did not want to have to wait for another round of freezing to set in.

Well I feel kind of crappy so I think I am going to go off and rest for a while... and scratch darn psoriasis! Dry nasty winters and psoriasis just don't go together well!

Oh I just had to add this... gotta love this post on Dildo Cams!! ha ha (yet another fun thing I get to do this month!)

"It's the constant and determined effort that breaks down all resistance, sweeps away all obstacles."- Claude M. Bristol


At 6:31 p.m., February 22, 2006, Anonymous Lori said...

Hope you're feeling better by now!

At 6:49 p.m., February 22, 2006, Blogger Just another Jenny said...

The list of things we go through for IVF is beyond demeaning. What we won't do for babies!
Your path is one I hope to take. I really hope to have IVF twins and if there are any frosties, we will try again. Best of luck on your upcoming cycle.
I added your link to my site so I don't forget to check on you.


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