Monday, February 27, 2006

Still snowing and doing the baby dance while waiting for the next HSG

Well it's still snowing today, it is a bit dull but beautiful. Just those nice fluffy light flakes coming down it is still nice to watch. It reminds me back a few years when we used to make a 4 hour trek almost every weekend to the rocky mountains for a weekend on the ski hill. Oh how I miss the fresh mountain air on the ski hill. We haven't skied since 2001 due to all our surgery and IVF 'stuff'. Besides who can afford anything after paying for IVF? The snow today reminds me of standing at the top of the ski hill and looking at the tops of the mountains all around and listening to the swoosh of skiers heading down the hill. The lack of city noise was wonderful. AAaaaah I am in my happy place right now!! ha ha!

FET Thoughts

So what the heck, we are working on the baby dance right now. Wouldn't it be nice if I didn't have to do the HSG next Aunt F? Man I must be a dreamer? Gee I wonder what colour the sky in my world is going to be today? LOL! I still don't know why I keep hoping that I will get PG the old fashion way? Must be that thing called Hope again? One thing that has gotten easier is after 11 years you don't get to disappointed when you don't get PG month after month. It becomes more expected that you aren't. If I ever did get PG the 'old fashion' way I would probably not believe it anyway!!

So I wonder if your odds of getting PG with and FET increase after you had a successful PG? My OB/GYN says so but I am not sure? I wonder how Brooke Shields made out I think it took her 7 tries the first time, I wonder how she made out this time?

Quote of the day
Kites rise highest against the wind - not with it."
- Winston Churchill, Sir


At 12:23 p.m., February 27, 2006, Blogger Just another Jenny said...

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At 12:25 p.m., February 27, 2006, Blogger Just another Jenny said...

I really believe it is all the "old wives tails" are friends tell us about there "brother's mother's uncle's cousin's friend who had twins naturally after having her ovaries removed and her husband had a vasectomy" that keep us hopefull every month.
We only have 300,000 sperm with anitbodies (helmets that don't let them penetrate an egg) and I still manage to hold onto about .000001% hope which is about the same chance of it ever happening.

p.s. - I had to delete and re-post, the spelling mistakes were discusting!


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