Friday, February 17, 2006

Sleep deprived and loving it?? (warning kids discussed)

Sleep deprivation is a wonderful thing? Ok maybe not! Well at 4 months my boys started sleeping through the night, I was REALLY happy... my next goal, sleeping until 8am. At 5 months my goal was reached YEY! I was enjoying the 8am wakings, much better than 3am. Well at 6 months one of my twins decided that 8am was just too late to get up. He has continued to wake up earlier and earlier and this morning it was 4:30am. I have tried everything to get him to go back to sleep, all that ends up happening is he wakes up the brother! So now I grab him out of bed when he starts chattering and take him into our room. It is the only way to shut his little chattering mouth!! :)

In the mean time I am also trying to get brother back to sleep as he has woken him up. Great! I only have one bedroom that I can put them in... I think it's time to move (hmm moving with kids... ya I don't know how people do that!)

So now I will have two crabby boys this morning due to lack of sleep, I hope they nap this morning or mom is going to be a little grumpy too!! Poor dad when he gets home from work.

Well as much as I like to complain I am sure lucky to have a dear sweet boy to interupt my sleeping time and two dear sweet boys to take up all my spare time. Their little smiles make it all worth while! Although I sure wish they would sleep a little longer, mom doesn't do well on 4 or 5 hours of sleep!

Here's to a long nap this morning!!! And no tears! (from mom!! ha ha!)


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