Thursday, February 09, 2006

Our first Twins club meeting (Warning Kids Discussed)

Ok so I am trying to move past my Infertility and really believe that I am a parent and that no one is going to knock on my door and say oops sorry there was a mistake your boys are actually ours.

That being said I am trying to do some of the things that one with kids would do. That is really hard as I have been avoiding the topic of kids for pretty much my whole marriage! It definitely is a shift in thinking.

So anyway I heard about this great twins club and my husband and I decided to join. We were there just on time (I am ususally early to everything, I guess that is a trait of having no concept of time??) The meeting was supposed to go from 7 - 9pm so we were there at 7 on the nose. Cool finally I wasn't a half an hour early!!! Guess what the meeting didn't start until 7:30... crap we were the first one's there!! It was kind of weird being the first ones there as they have the meetings at a cemetery (I guess they get the room for free). The dude that worked there was telling us about the new addition they are putting on the cemetery - Ok so was he trying to sell us plots or what?? ha ha!!

Well it was a great meeting (although the 2 pg ladies there did kind of bother me but I think that PG ladies will always bother me, I just have to accept that! Hopefully when I am 50 that will change!). They had a guest speaker that was awesome and it just so happened that she had been through IVF and had twins too.

Well I must say it was a good thing for me. Chatting about parenting instead of IF. I need my IF chats too but I really need to accept that I am finally a parent too. It's kind of a contradiction dealing with IF after having twins now isn't it!!! No wonder I am sooo confused! Oh well in my words that I tell everyone that is going through sh*t... time makes everything easier, once some time passes your perspective changes. So I suppose I will take my own advice and just give it some time.

Oh yes and it was our first time away from the boys, we left them with some friends and it went great. I think they were better for our friends than us... hmm it has started already...


At 8:10 p.m., February 09, 2006, Anonymous Lori said...

I can only imagine how emotionally frustrating to be straddling the IF and parenting world at the same time. I hope it's only for a short while.

At 9:16 a.m., February 10, 2006, Blogger soralis said...

Thanks lori, it can be difficult BUT at least I am LUCKY enough to have had success at least once!! Having had success I also have a distraction so my whole life isn't just about IF like before..


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