Friday, February 03, 2006

Morning Rant!

Ok so I bought some video editing software... did the try before you buy thing and thought it was pretty good, a little slow but lots of features. So after paying $100 cdn I installed the software, spent 2 days editing 60 minutes of video and WHAM the file is corrupt or something and I seem to have lost all my changes!! GREAT!!!! (note the sarcasm!) So I emailed the company and they gave me this long list of things to do and final resort was to re-install the software. Well that didn't work either. I can create new files but not edit the one I created, I can't even open it, the software shuts down when I open it. ARRRG... Well I sent the company another email, lets hope they can resolve my issue I really would like to be able to recover the 2 days worth of work I did.... It's not like I have a lot of spare time these days!

Ok now I feel better!! I will keep you posted on the outcome.


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