Monday, February 06, 2006

Breastfeeding... the end (warning Kids discussed)

Ok so after six months I decided it was time to wean the boys. There sure isn't as much info on weaning as there is on breastfeeding!! So why did I decide to wean? #1 I have to if I want to go through another round of IVF, #2 I won't B/F in public with twins so I am feeling VERY housebound, #3 it's been a lot of extra work (I will explain later), #4 I stopped pumping after every feed and now the boys are annoyed that my production is down.

Ok so first I will tell you all about a day in the life of B/Fing twins. For the first 5 & 1/2 months I would B/F then supplement with formula and expressed breast milk, then I would pump for 10 minutes. Then I would have all the extra pumping equipment to clean, bottles and I would have to prepare for the next go round... oh ya and did I mention nipple sheilds (I never did wean the boys off of them, my fault!) Then I would also have to freeze the extra expressed breast milk for another day. When the boys started sleeping through the night I was still getting up at 3am to pump, it seemed to be the only way to keep my supply up. Feeding was more like a chore than enjoyable. It was difficult for me to give up the pump but I really needed to, I would rather spend the extra time with the boys then pumping! When I stopped pumping the boys were not happy and one of them began to wean himself.

I feel somewhat guilty for stopping pumping and b/fing, I am not sure why as I only planned on trying to make it for 3 months and here I am at 6 months. I guess it's because I quit so that I could go through another round of IVF? Anyway as of last Saturday I am done b/fing... I am still sore I hope that goes away soon.

Well I guess I am free now, free to do what I am not sure?? Ha Ha


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