Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A day in the life with twins!

A day in the life... with twins!

Ok so here is what a day is like in my world
1am - up with screaming baby... phew back to sleep and the brother is still asleep
4:30am - up again, same baby, couldn't calm him down, took him out of the room before he wakes up his brother. Took him to bed with me
7am - finally screaming baby falls asleep
7:20am - brother wakes up, CRAP!
7:22am - quick bathroom break, turn on kettle, warm up bottles, quick breakfast
7:30am - get boys ready to feed
7:42am - start breastfeeding, didn't go well will be glad when boys are weaned (we are currently working on that!
8:00am - bottle feed boys
8:10am - change diapers and play with boys
9:00am - get ready to feed boys their 'solids'
9:15am - yes they eat quick! Do the dishes
9:20am - move boys to day time playing room
10:00am - boys have their morning nap, a few minutes for mom to do 'stuff' or relax
11:00am - thaw out breast milk and get ready for lunch, wake up boys and play with them until lunch
11:30am - get bottles and food ready and feed boys
12:00pm -yup boys are done eating, move them to their bedroom, change their diapers and play with them until nap time
1:00pm - Nap time!!! Yay!
1:30pm - Usually asleep by now!! Mom gets some time to clean-up and/or computer time
Various - if they fuss go stuff the soother in their mouth quickly before they wake up the other one
3:30pm - Wake the munchkins! Play with them until the next feed
4:00pm - Thaw out breast milk and get ready for supper feed
4:30pm - Feed the boys
5:00pm - Clean up and eat
6:00pm - Move the boys back to their day time playing room, relax for a while
8:00pm - Get ready for baths and the last feed of the day
8:30pm - Last meal of the day!!
9:20pm - Off to bed for the boys
9:30pm - Clean 'spew' stains out of clothes and get bottles ready for the morning
10:00pm - Off to bed for the parents!


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